Jim Ghedi is a musician & composer based in Sheffield, England  currently working on solo finger-style guitar. Having spent time living in Belgium and travelling around Northern Europe, he wrote his debut album 'Home is where i exist, now to live & die' released on Cambrian Records in 2015, alongside touring 35 performances over 2 months in the UK last Autumn, he is working on new material, collaborations and planning on further live touring. 

His current work has taken inspiration in specific locations around Britain, exploring a connection with rural land and it's heritage. Drawing up some interesting genre-crossing ideas musically around a rooted concept of Ancient Land and our relationship with nature.  Exploring finger-style instrumental Guitar composition alongside traditional British Folk song. He is both recording these ideas and incorporating this new work within his live performances. 

Having an impressive history of both collaboration and supported work for such acts as James Blackshaw, Richard Dawson, Dead Rat Orchestra, Cam Deas, C Joynes, Stephanie Hladowski, Alasdair Roberts, Alex nelson’s Death Shanties, The Big eyes family players and Trembling bells. This year gaining experience scoring music for Films, Theatre, Art shows and performing live for a BFI film tour within the UK. 


Jim Ghedi is all ‘soundscape’,‘multi-instrumentalist’, multi-everything, all the time. 
-Tiny Mixtapes

"Jim Ghedi is easily one of the most mind-bogglingly prodigious talents in Sheffield today" 
- Our Favourite places

"He really is one of the leading experimental musicians in Sheffield at the moment, and well worth your attention." NowThen Magazine

''If only more musicians today could mix the new with the old so bravely.''
counterfeit magazine

"Beautiful, lush and captivating" Tramlines  Festival






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Soundtrack Work 

"Ian Nesbitt is an experimental filmmaker, often working in collaboration with non-artists and their own archive footage. For 'Sketches of Brunei c. 1978' he returns to footage of his own pre-memory childhood in Brunei, re-editing reels of his parents' cine-film to a set of guidelines in the tradition of structural film.

What emerges is a non-objective portrait of a country in the early stages of preparing for independence. The relentless and predetermined cut of the edit forces a narrative of sorts through unrelated scenes of colonial gardens, food markets, military ceremonies, cock fights and interminable boat rides. Relationships between fading military and emerging oil powers, cultural colonialism and native tradition, family life and global politics are brought into question. An unquantifiable body of water serves as both schism and conduit."

The film has just had a new workover in the form of a soundtrack by guitarist Jim Ghedi.

Here's The Travelling Shadow Theatres 'Bird Box: A Theatre For One.' The viewer watches the live shadow puppet show through a small birdhouse hole, and listens to the accompanying music through headphones. Original recorded score by Jim Ghedi, puppetry and bird box booth by Lois Conlan. The piece was built and developed whilst studying at The London School of Puppetry, and recently performed at Skipton Puppet Festival 2015

I came across this film of Chesterfield Spire Rambling Club in 1958 via a lovely chap Andrew Robinson, Captured on standard 8 cine film. 

This ramble with the Spire Rambling Club around the Derbshire Dales (possibly Dove Dale). Was recorded by Andrew's grandfather Leonard Brian Cooper and also features his Grandmother in the film, circa 1958. 

Sadly both Andrew's grandparents in this short film passed away just two days before he received the film back from being transfered from Standard 8 to disc.

I grew up on the edges of Sheffield & Derbyshire Dales and seeing the film and story i could really relate to family traditions of going for rambles in the Peak District. It is a real treasure to see areas like this in rare cine film and i'm overjoyed to have had permission to use my music towards it.




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