Jim Ghedi produces an alternative take on classic folk ideas, exploring themes on landscape and history. Incorporating 6 & 12 string guitar composition, orchestral arrangements, Jazz and traditional folk song. MOJO magazine praised his most recent album A Hymn For Ancient Land by calling it “Melodically sublime and infused with tradition”, while The Financial Times said “This is landscape music… landscape art.”

Nature permeates through his music, the subtle use of the instruments (guitar, double bass, violin, cello, harp, trumpet, piano) and beauty of the arrangements create something both fluidly transient yet also deeply rooted to a sense of place.

★★★★☆MOJO - "Melodically sublime... although Ghedi's music is infused with tradition, it's very much experiencing the present"  

★★★★☆ The Independent - "a raga-like texture of tingling drones and jaunty picking that recalls both John Fahey and the Penguin Cafe"

★★★★☆ The Financial Times - "This is landscape music, a close relative of landscape art."  

★★★★☆ Uncut - "There's respect here, but no folkloric nostalgia...a delightful hybrid strain"

★★★★☆ Q - "a brilliant finger-picker and songwriter...shining a welcome light into an underrated genre"

Folk Radio UK - "a small masterpiece"